“Security Shark Tank was an excellent opportunity for CISOs, providing exposure to multiple vendors in a rapid fire format. Having so many qualified CISOs participate in the event allowed for some fantastic question and answer sessions. The diversity of thought leadership in the room brought by CISOs from so many industry sectors is really difficult to find in any other format. I personally was able to discover some new vendors that I am interested in continuing a conversation with because of Security Shark Tank.”

- Darren Death, CISO, ASRC Federal

2016 Security Shark Tank Winners

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"Security Shark Tank put our head of sales in front of the sharpest security executives in the industry, with their full attention. We've already put multiple new opportunities into the pipeline, and the return on investment looks very strong. I recommend Security Shark Tank to any sales and marketing teams that want to get their message in front of actual buyers in an efficient and effective manner."  - Rick Caccia, Chief Marketing Officer, Exabeam. 

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Security Shark Tank Winners

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2016 Event Series

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